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May 4, 2013

All / all of most / most of no / none of etc.

All cars have wheels.
Some cars can go faster than others.
No cars. (= no cars allowed)
• I don't go out very often. I'm at home most days.

You cannot say 'all of cars', 'most of people' etc.
Some people are very unfriendly, (not 'some of people')
 Note that we say most (not 'the most'):
Most tourists don't visit this part of the town, (not 'the most tourists')

Some of... / most of... / none of... etc.
You can use the words in the box (also none and half) with of. You can say some of (the people),
most of (my friends), none of (this money) etc.
We use some of, most of (etc.) + the / this / that / these / those / my / his / Ann's... etc.
So we say:  Some of the people, some of those people (but not 'some of people')
Most of my friends, most of Ann's friends (but not 'most of friends')
None of this money, none of their money (but not 'none of money')

For example:
Some of the people I work with are very friendly.
None of this money is mine.
• Have you read any of these books?
• I wasn't well yesterday. I spent most of the day in bed.

You don't need of after all or half. So you can say:
All my friends live in London, or All of my friends...
Half this money is mine or  Half of this money....

Compare all... and all (of) the...:
All flowers are beautiful. (= all flowers in general)
All (of) the flowers in this garden are beautiful. (= a particular group of flowers)

You can use all of / some of / none of etc. + it/us/you/them:
 'How many of these people do you know? 'None of them.' / 'A few of them.'
• Do any of you want to come to a party tonight?
• 'Do you like this music? 'Some of it.  Not all of it.'
Before it/us/you/them you need of after all and half (all of, half of):
all of us (not 'all us')            half of them (not 'half them')
You can use the words in the box (and also none) alone, without a noun:
• Some cars have four doors and some have two.
• A few of the shops were open but most (of them) were closed.
• Half (of) this money is mine, and half (of it) is yours, (not 'the half)

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